Scientific Python Bootcamp

Date: March 2nd, 2-6 PM.
Location: E62-233
Do you want to see what tools a data scientist uses to glean insights from data?  Or have you heard that analysts that use open source tools such as Python and R make 30% more than analysts that used closed source tools like Excel (admittedly unscientific source)?
In this bootcamp we will give a hands-on tour of the “scientific python stack.”  At the end of the day attendees will be able to use Python to predict who will survive the Titanic using logistic regressions and random forests. Food will be provided in the second half of the bootcamp. Topics that we’ll cover include:
* using ipython notebooks for rich, share-able, interactive computing
* using numpy and scipy for fast computations
* using Matplotlib for data visualizations
* Using the Pandas data analysis library for loading data into dataframes for easy exploration and visualization
* Using the statsmodels module for easy econometrics and statistics
* Using sci-kit learn for all kinds of awesome machine learning algorithms
We expect attendees to have a basic understanding of Python – going through a Python tutorial such as the Sloan Coder’s tutorial on 2/25 or through parts of Codecademy’s Intro to Python class.  Food will be provided towards the end of thebootcamp.

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